Top 3 Ways to Neutralize Harmful Micro-Organisms

Some bacteria are good but many, in your home, are not. Dr. H. Rintala of the U.S. Department of Environmental Health discovered that “based on numerous cultivation studies, Penicillium, Aspergillus, Cladosporium, and about 20 other fungal genera are the most commonly isolated genera from house dust”. Duct Cleaning removes harmful microbesThe key detail here is the dust contains fungus and mold, even black mold and other mycotoxins that can circulate through your HVAC system and cause inflammation in your lung tissue. If this inflammation persists long enough it can even lower your natural immunity and lead to disease, even deadly disease. We know that fungus and mold thrive off of moisture. Even the recent flooding in the Windsor Region may have been the perfect amount of moisture for a boom in household micro-organism growth.

After a flood, many families choose Rivers Edge Duct and Carpet Cleaning to clean their carpets right away and remove the flood-water but they may have missed the air ducts, where the largest cultures of bacteria and fungus are bound to be growing.Mold can damage your lungs Even if you were spared from the flooding it’s virtually guaranteed that there is a buildup of natural dust and the host of fungus and bacteria in your air ducts. Planet Earth is full of micro-organisms that invade our homes in unnatural ways. In their native habitat, these micro-organisms are offset by the changing of the seasons and good bacteria such as that found in plants, but in our homes, they concentrate and mutate because the temperature is ideal for growth and there is no cleansing precipitation, heat, or extreme cold to challenge their growth.

Fortunately, there is something we can easily do. Throughout our homes, we can apply bleach and vinegar to many dusty surfaces and sometimes even clean air duct vents but there is not a conventional way to blast out our air ducts safely. BenefectIt’s so important to let professionals such as those at Rivers Edge Duct and Carpet Cleaning to clean out the air ducts. When the dust is agitated it must be collected immediately so it doesn’t settle in unwanted locations. Rivers Edge Duct and Carpet Cleaning uses a 14 Step Process to efficiently and properly clean your home air ducts. The real trick is to use a botanical disinfectant to remove the source cultures of micro-organisms. Benefect™ is the only ALL botanical disinfectant in the market and it is the only disinfectant used by Rivers Edge Duct and Carpet Cleaning. It is no harsher than vinegar but its special balance of enzymes matches those found in the plants in nature making it the ideal disinfectant for neutralizing 99.9% of the threat from harmful bacteria and fungus.

There are so many things that can add dust to your air ducts: high moisture levels, construction in the neighborhood, and even just day-to-day activity, will lead to a harmful build-up of dust. Many families clean their air ducts every year as part of a healthy routine to prevent exposure to toxins. Call (519) 972-9119 and ask about getting your air ducts or carpets cleaned, or get even more like tile and grout or upholstery cleaning. There is so much Rivers Edge can do to elevate your quality of life through professional cleaning services. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Call Today!

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